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Department 56 For over 30 years Department 56 has designed and created
unique and highly detailed seasonal gifts and decorations.

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YEOMAN QUALITY TOOLS A comprehensive range of tools ideal for everyday gardening tasks. Cutting, Cultivating, Stainless Steel & Telescopic Yeoman tools for digging to pruning, raking to lopping help you create a beautiful garden.
DRAMM WATERING TOOLS Professional Watering Tools.

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American Horticultural Society's Heat Zone Map Most gardeners are familiar with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Plant Hardiness Zone Map. By using the map to find the zone in which you live, you will be able to determine what plants will "winter over" in your garden and survive for many years. That map was first published in 1960 and updated in 1990. Today nearly all American references books, nursery catalogs, and gardening magazines describe plants using USDA Zones.
USDA Plant Hardness Zone Map The 2003 US National Arboretum of the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map
USDA Miscellaneous Publication No. 1475, Issued January 1990This 1990 version shows in detail the lowest temperatures that can be expected each year in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. These temperatures are referred to as "average annual minimum temperatures" and are based on the lowest temperatures recorded for each of the years 1974 to 1986 in the United States and Canada and 1971 to 1984 in Mexico. The map shows 10 different zones, each of which represents an area of winter hardiness for the plants of agriculture and our natural landscape. It also introduces zone 11 to represent areas that have average annual minimum temperatures above 40 F (4.4 C) and that are therefore essentially frost free.

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EXHART GEEKY BEAKS Home and Garden Decor
ALPINE FOUNTAINS Fountains for your yard and home.
DEER PARK IRONWORKS Deer Park Ironworks products have a durable, powder-coated finish. Our natural patina appearance nicely complements any decor or color scheme. Decorative baskets, wall planters and window boxes come complete with fitted coco fiber liners which is a natural product providing proper drainage and a healthy environment for your plants to grow.

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ANDERSON FERTILIZER Fortify Premium Lawn Fertilizers, Fortify Garden Specialty Products, Fortify Phosphorous Free Lawn Fertilizer Fortify Specialty Control Products, American Green Lawn Fertilizers, Fortify Control & Specialty Products American Green Promotional All Purpose Fertilizers, Easy Weeder & Easy Weed 'N Green
BONIDE Garden Tips and Solutions.
ESPOMA - NATURAL GARDENING SOLUTIONS Since 1929, The Espoma Company has been the pioneer in natural gardening solutions. From our leading plant food, Holly-tone, to our new Earth-tone control products, we have provided generations of gardeners safe, effective solutions from the finest natural ingredients.
BAYER ADVANCED Bayer Crop Science. Bayer Advanced Turf Control Products.
SCOTTS Scott Lawn and Garden Care Products: Preen - Miracle Gro - Ortho - Roundup - Osmocote
PREEN Preen is the easy way to get relief from the aggravation of weeding your garden or lawn. Our complete line of weed control products has earned the Good Housekeeping seal. Stop weeds with Preen. Preen works... so you don't have to.

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