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Lucas Landscaping Services

Lucas Nursery and Landscaping company is family owned and operated since 1966, licensed with the State of Michigan and fully insured, Lucas Landscaping specializes in landscaping design, landscaping, retaining walls, brick pavers, and outdoor structures.

We believe that the fundamental reason we've been successful is because we do every project as if we were working on our own home. We take your project personally and work until you are completely satisfied and we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Lucas Landscaping takes pride in the personal commitment we make to our customers. From the start of your project to its completion, we ensure that our customers receive personalized service. Before the job, we listen carefully to your needs. We've have the equipment required to perform any size project in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

When Lucas Landscaping plants your trees, shrubs and bushes, we take everything into consideration. We know how important plantings are to the appearance and usefulness of your home. They add character and color, soften property lines, reduce road noise, enhance privacy and security, while increasing property values. Our landscape designers consider all these factors and more.

Lucas Landscaping makes sure that all retainer walls are structurally sound for the environmental conditions. And we take great care to design them so they harmonize with the surrounding landscaping. We have a lot of experience with large boulder projects, making sure that every setting looks natural. We use brick pavers to create beautiful walkways and patios that connectall of your landscaping together.

Job progress is closely monitored and personally inspected by Bob Lucas to verify that it meets our high standards and your high expectations which are backed by our commitment to quality with our standard 1 year warranty on workmanship and materials.

We specialize in customized designs for your home featuring the best products and quality workmanship.

Having trouble visualizing what your home would look like with a landscaping upgrade?
View these example projects to get an idea of what our designers can create for you.

Three ways to contact us for residential and commercial landscaping services:
1. Call for an appointment to have one of our landscape designers come to your home,
2. or bring your ideas and pictures to us for some helpful advice.
3. or Request a No-Obligation Quote and we will review your information
and contact you within 24 hours to discuss your project!

Landscaping Supplies

For the Do-It-Yourself projects, we have everything
you need in landscaping supplies.

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Lucas Tree Planting Service

Buy a tree at Lucas and have us install it for you!
Affordable Rates. Installation Guaranteed.

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Lucas Landscaping Design Services

Information helpful to determine your design:

Any papers with site measurements, such as your mortgage survey,
plot plans or sprinkler design.

Information to collect and things to consider before you start landscaping:
- Measurements of specific areas you want landscaped.
- What is the sun exposure of your home.
- Which way does the house face.
- What are the soil conditions.
- Location of overhead lines, septic fields.
- Water drainage patterns.
- Layout of your existing trees, shrubs and plants.
- House color, architectural style, focal points and anything you wish to hide.
- Water availability, sprinkler or manual watering.
- Amount of time available to maintain the yard.
- Do you have any favorite plants or colors you would like to include.
- Come in and preview the trees, shrubs and plants in our nursery.